The race car insurance provides comprehensive coverage protecting you from financial losses after an accident on the race track/rally. We don’t differentiate whether you or someone else caused the accident. The premium is solely based on the car value, the racing series, the rally/race track, the quality of the driver as well as his previous damages.

We cover the following damages:

  • Vehicle damages caused by accidents/collision
  • Fire, lightening, explosion
  • Burglary, vehicle theft
  • Vandalism
  • Engine and transmission damages as a result of an accident
  • Force majeure
  • Natural events such as storms etc.

Different types of insurance

  • Individual coverage (minimum of 3 events)
  • Seasonal coverage
  • Team coverage
  • Liability insurance

We offer comprehensive race car insurance for the following events:

  • Rally
  • Racing circuit
  • Test drives
  • Cab rides and events
  • Driving seminars
  • Exhibitions

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