Standard accident insurance providers don’t compensate you for race car accidents. A race car accident applies to incidents that occur while driving in a closed race track or a qualifying race event that is timed and intended to possibly reach maximum speed. Our accident insurance for drivers covers this risk! We provide coverage for accidents in enclosed tracks, rallies, qualifiers or training.

We offer the following coverages:

Disability insurance
If you are unable to earn income or become disabled, the accident insurance covers you. The insurance benefit depends on the agreed value coverage and the severity of the disability determined in accordance with the dismembered schedule.

The death benefit is paid in case of the policyholder’s death in an accident.

Accidental Disability Retirement
In the case of invalidity of more than 50%, a lifelong pension is paid out in the agreed amount. Daily allowance for hospital expenses and recovery can be paid for up to 2 years for accident-related hospital treatment. Benefits for recovery after the treatment in the hospital is paid at the same rate up to a 100 days.

Additional Coverage
Premium-free coverage for cosmetic procedures and breakdown insurance up to 3000 €.

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